06 Juli 2020

Cabinet Secretariat has and will continue to arrange various translation training programs, both in Indonesia and abroad, to develop the competency of Translator Functional Officials so that they can be more professional, skillful and reliable in their respective institutions.

Training programs with general translation material available for First Level Translator, Second Level Translator, Third Level Translator and Fourth Level Translator. In addition, there are also training programs with special translation materials, such as for English Language Proficiency, Legal Text Translation, and Interpreting. 

The quality and quantity of those training programs will also be improved gradually by inviting academics and experts to give a lecture in the respective subjects. Moreover, we will also invite self-development speakers to boost motivation during the translators career development as Functional Translators. 

Regarding overseas training, Cabinet Secretariat will keep building cooperation with foreign institutions to arrange more translation trainings. 

Trainings for Functional Translators:

  1. Training for First Level Functional Translator Batch VI, Jakarta, 28 August-13 October 2017, participant: 30 Translator Functional Officials;
  2. Training for First Level Functional Translator Batch VII, Jakarta, 28 August-13 October 2018, participant: 27 Translator Functional Officials


Technical Training:

  1. Technical Training for Translation on Government Legal Text, Jakarta, 24 October till 4 November 2016, participant: 30 Translator Functional Officials.
  2. Technical Training for Translation on Government Legal Text, Jakarta, 9 till 20 July 2018, participant: 20 Translator Functional Officials.


Overseas Training:

Training of Translator and Interpreter

, cooperation between Cabinet Secretariat, Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Monash University, Melbourne, 25 September to 3 November 2017, participant: 12 Functional Translator Officials.

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