15 Juli 2020

Ranking of Translator, are:

  1. First Level Translator;
  2. Second Level Translator; 
  3. Third Level Translator; and
  4. Fourth Level Translator.
  5. Ranking, Category 

Ranking and category of Functional Position of Translator as mentioned in point A consist of: 

  1. First Level Translator, ranks:
  2. Junior Superintendent, category III/a; and
  3. First Class Junior Superintendent, category III/b.
  4. Second Level Translator, ranks:
  5. Superintendent, category III/c; and
  6. First Class Superintendent, category III/d.
  7. Third Level Translator, ranks:
  8. Administrator, category IV/a;
  9. First Class Administrator, category IV/b; and
  10. Junior Administrator, category IV/c.
  11. Fourth Level Translator, ranks:
  12. Middle Administrator, category IV/d; and
  13. Senior Administrator, category IV/e.

Goverment Public Relations (GPR)