Kode Etik IPPI

Sunday, 29 January 2023



Article 1


In this Code of ethics, the following terms shall have the following meanings:


1. The Association of Indonesian Government Translators and Interpreters, hereinafter referred to as the IPPI, is an association/organization for State Civil Apparatus translators;

2. Code of Ethics of the IPPI, hereinafter referred to as the Code of Ethics, is all moral values determined by the IPPI

3. Translators are all translators as referred to in the Articles of Association of the IPPI;

4. Obligations are attitudes, behaviors, conducts, or actions that shall be performed by Translators;

5. Sanctions are punishments or actions against the IPPI members for violations of the Code of Ethics; and

6. Clients are authorized officials in government agencies who commission Translators to carry out tasks related to translation.




Article 2


The Translators shall:

1. Uphold and implement the values of Pancasila;

2. Carry out obligations as State Civil Apparatus;

3. Be honest, independent, neutral and responsible, in accordance with the laws and regulations and the oath of office of the Indonesian State Civil Apparatus Association (KORPRI); 

4. Respect and uphold the dignity of Translator as a profession;

5. Comply with rules and regulations stipulated by the IPPI;

6. Preserve and defend the honor of the IPPI; 

7. Produce good and quality translations;

8. Continuously improve competence and evaluate and upgrade performance;

9. Actively participate in every event organized by the IPPI;

10. Build the atmospheres of family and togetherness among the translators;

11. Treat each client professionally;

12. Prioritize tasks related to translation;

13. Maintain confidential information in tasks related to translation; and

14. Avoid unhealthy competition among Translators.





Article 3

1. Sanctions imposed on Translators who violate the Code of Ethics are as follows:

a. Reprimand;

b. Warning;

c. Temporary termination of the IPPI membership; and

d. Termination of the IPPI membership.


2. The imposition of sanctions as referred to in paragraph 1 is adjusted to the level and type of violation committed by Translators.



Stipulated in Jakarta

On 26 November 2014


Executive Board of the IPPI 


The Chair of the 2nd National Conference of the Functional Position of Translators


Chairperson                                                                                                                             Secretary-general


Muhardi, S.S.                                                                                                              Johanes, S.S.

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