Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Duties and Functions of Fostering Institution for Government Functional Position of Translators and Interpreters:

  1. To formulate guidelines on formation of the position of Government Translators/Interpreters;
  2. To establish competence standards;
  3. To formulate technical and implementing guidelines;
  4. To establish standards for work quality and formulate guidelines on assessment of work quality;
  5. To formulate guidelines for scientific paper which is innovation in nature;
  6. To formulate regulatory curriculum;
  7. To organize trainings;
  8. To provide functional trainings at training institutions;
  9. To conduct competence tests;
  10. To analyze the need for functional trainings;
  11. To disseminate information on technical and implementing guidelines;
  12. To develop information system;
  13. To facilitate the implementation of main functions;
  14. To facilitate the establishment of professional organization;
  15. To facilitate the formulation and establishment of code of professional ethics and code of conducts;
  16. To accredit functional trainings by referring to provisions set by the State Administration Agency (LAN);
  17. To conduct monitoring and evaluation on application of functional position at all Government Institutions which have the position;
  18. To coordinate with institutions of the functional officials in terms of their career development;
  19. To collect information on position factor for position evaluation.

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E-JFP Mobile Application

Translator functional position application system (e-JFP) from the Cabinet Secretariat as the supervisor of the translator functional position.

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