Friday, 24 February 2023



VISIONTo develop Indonesian Government Translators and Interpreters (PFPs) that are professional, dedicated to their origin institutions and to the state and the nation.To provide high-quality, effective, efficient, and accountable support for the fostering of Indonesian Government Translators and Interpreters (PFPs).
MISSION1.To increase the number of PFPs;
2.To improve the quality of PFPs;
3.To support career development of PFPs; and to develop Government Functional Position of Translators and Interpreters.
Reputable and Reliable Center for Government Translators and Interpreters Development to support Cabinet Secretary in assisting the President and Vice President to realize an advanced Indonesia that is sovereign, independent, and has character based on mutual cooperation.

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E-JFP Mobile Application

Translator functional position application system (e-JFP) from the Cabinet Secretariat as the supervisor of the translator functional position.

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